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The Cons Of A MCA (Merchant Cash Advance)

There are downsides of taking a Merchant Cash Advance (“MCA”) out on your company’s behalf. Most MCAs have terms of less than 6 months with an effective annual interest rate of more than 100%! Underwriting is performed by looking only at the gross revenue of the business with an eye toward how fast the MCA company can be paid back without any regard for how the payments will affect the profitability of your company or its ability to pay other vital expenses.

Many merchants find themselves having to take a 2nd or 3rd advance to meet other necessary business expenses because of the crippling effect of daily/weekly payments on existing MCA debt. A high percentage of merchants unknowingly find themselves on an MCA “hamster wheel”, with no end in sight.

Terms from 1 – 5 years

Collection/Litigation accounts eligible!

Loan amounts starting at $100,000

Strangled By Daily/Weekly MCA Payments

Consolidate Your MCA Debt into One Fixed Monthly Payment